Common Misconceptions About Donating Cars to Charity

Common Misconceptions About Donating Cars to Charity

Have you been considering donating your car but are on the fence because you've heard rumors that donating is pointless or difficult? Don't let unfounded myths deter you from being charitable. Here are four common misconceptions about donating cars to charity that are easily debunked.

Charities Don't Have Any Use for Cars

If a charity takes vehicle donations, it's for a reason! If they didn't have any use for cars, the option to donate them wouldn’t be available in the first place. Some charities refurbish donated cars and turn them into mobile libraries or meals-on-wheels vehicles. Others donate them to families in need of reliable transport. Still others sell them and use the money they make from the sales to fund their daily operations and the various services they offer.

The Donated Car Needs To Be in Working Order

Another common misconception about donating cars to charity is that you can’t donate inoperable cars. This is not true—you can donate your car no matter its condition. Charities can sell older, worn-down cars at auctions or, in the case of defunct cars, to scrapyards. They'll put the money they make off these sales to good use.

There Are No Financial Benefits

Charities need money to help those in need. But you need money to sustain your own lifestyle, too. If you're tight on cash, you may be hesitant to donate. After all, there's no financial benefit to it. Or is there?

What if we told you that you could get a tax break on your donation? Most vehicle donations qualify the giver for a tax deduction. If you generously donate your car, you can reduce the amount of taxes you need to pay this fiscal year and potentially receive a more substantial return.

Donating Is Difficult

Donating your car is a quick process that requires minimal paperwork. The only document you need is your car’s title so that you can sign ownership away. After scheduling a donation date, your charity of choice will come to pick up your car and its title at your preferred location. Once they tow your vehicle away, you can sit back and relax!

If you want to donate your car, makes the process quick, simple, and stress-free. We partner with junkyards on the East coast that are willing to take cars of all makes, models, years, and conditions. Sell your car directly to us using our speedy 20-second process, and we'll pay you in cash when we come to pick up your vehicle. Then, you can take your newly earned money and donate it directly to the charity or charities of your choice.