What Do You Do With Your Plates After Selling a Junk Car?

What Do You Do With Your Plates After Selling a Junk Car?

Selling your car is trickier than it looks. Not only do you need to set a price and find a buyer—you also have to deal with the legal stuff after the fact! One common question car sellers have is what to do with the plates after selling a junk car. Learn the answer to this question here to make the selling process ever so easier.

Check State Laws

So, what do you do with your plates after selling a junk car? The answer varies based on the state you live in. For precise instructions on what to do with your plates, we recommend looking at your state's laws. That said, we can still provide some general guidelines for dealing with your plates.

How To Turn in Your Plates

In most states, your license plate number is connected to a certain registration and owner. This means, should your car become involved in any illegal activity post-sale, you could be held liable if you didn't remove your plates.

Naturally, in states where this is the case, you want to remove your plates before giving your car to its new owner. Remove the plates prior to the sale and turn them into a state agency, like the DMV. In some states, you may also need to fill out a form or provide a written letter stating the reason you’re surrendering your plates.

When To Not Turn in Your Plates

While most states rule that you need to remove your plates post-sale, some states require you to keep the plates on. Delaware, Hawaii, and Minnesota are just a few states that enforce this. If you live in one of these states, leave the plates on your vehicle when selling it to a new owner. However, if you have a personalized or sentimental plate, you may be able to transfer it to your new car for a fee.

Because state laws vary, knowing what to do with your plates post-sale isn't easy. When you sell your car to one of our local salvage yard partners, we'll guide you through the process. We’ll handle the paperwork for you and tell you what to do with your plates so you don't have to research the answer yourself. To get a quote from junkyardnearme.com, just fill out three quick questions about your car. It's that easy to get a fair price on your vehicle!